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Children's Dentistry

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Call Dr. Dotson & Ask About Pediatric Dental Services in North Phoenix, AZ

Tatum Highlands Dentistry of North Phoenix strives to provide all patients with a positive dental experience at every visit. Dr. Angela Dotson and her team understand that our younger patients deserve special attention.  We believe that by helping young patients relax and enjoy their visit, we are helping the families of our Desert Ridge community establish excellent dental habits into their youngsters that will last a lifetime.

Desert Ridge Dentistry for ChildrenChild at Tatum Highlands Dentistry of North Phoenix

The Tatum Highland Dentistry team has the experience and knowledge parents rely upon and we believe in building trusting, long-lasting relationships while providing the best possible in care in our modern, North Phoenix facility. 

Dr. Dotson encourages parents to bring their children in for their first visit after the emergence of the first tooth. Bi-yearly exams are an important preventive tactic to guard against gum disease, tooth decay, and developmental issues. We offer regular dental cleanings and examinations and are sensitive to the individual conditions of our young patients. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and every effort is made to keep the child calm and comfortable during every checkup, therapy, and procedure.

Preventive Education and Dental Services for Children

Additional treatments include sealants for kids – sealants protect the molars at the back of the mouth from unwanted bacteria and harmful acids. The bacteria cause cavities and other dental problems, and since the back teeth are often hard for children to thoroughly clean, they are prone to damage. For patients who suffer from anxiety and dental fear, we offer anesthesia and we are certified to provide nitrous treatment that is adapted according to the child’s needs.

Our doctor and staff operate under the code of Tell-Show-Do. We will always explain procedures in children’s terms so they understand and know what will happen. We provide flavored noses for the treatment and kids get to choose their “nose,” which is kept in office for future visits. We are focused on preventing dental fears, and we are experienced and equipped to handle emergencies with care and to minimize fear.

Dental Treatments for Children

Our Desert Ridge dental office creates individualized treatment plans for restorations that include:

- Fillings

- Anterior crowns

- Extractions  

- Spacers

- Primary Tooth Root Canals

Parents are invited to be present during the visit. This is done to reassure our young patient and to give an opportunity for discussion about the child’s dental overall health, treatment plan, and after-care.

Connecting Our Desert Ridge Dental Patients to Current Products

Our North Phoenix office carries many new, innovative dental products - all approved and recommended by Dr. Dotson.  She highly recommends the Disney timing app, which can help children develop better at-home brushing skills. 

At Tatum Highlands Dentistry, we are dedicated to the long-term dental health of our young Desert Ridge patients.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or would like more information on the pediatric dental services we do provide, please contact our North Phoenix office today.