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Porcelain Fixed Bridges

North Phoenix Cosmetic Dental - Porcelain Fixed Bridges in Desert Ridge

North Phoenix patients with multiple teeth missing from their smile can enjoy benefits to the health and appearance of their smile with a fixed dental bridge. At Tatum Highlands Dentistry, we recommend this non-removable appliance to our patients as a sturdy and long-lasting solution.

Why Get a Fixed Bridge?

Missing or severely damaged teeth deprive patients of their former smile and these effects become more pronounced over time. To bolster and return the familiar look of a complete set of teeth, Dr. Dotson may recommend a fixed bridge.

Beyond addressing the appearance of your smile, a fixed bridge can also improve the function and wellbeing of the oral environment. Dental bridges maintain your facial structure, encouraging a natural shape while also preventing healthy teeth from shifting out of position. After receiving a fixed bridge, patients may notice significant improvement in their ability to speak and chew.

For patients with removable dental appliances, such as partial dentures, our Desert Ridge practice recommends fixed bridges as secure, permanent replacement options for patients in the North Phoenix area. 

Traditional Fixed Bridges

Dr. Dotson works with each patient on an individual basis, recommending a variety of dental bridge options that address their unique oral health needs.

Among the most common options recommended by Tatum Highlands Dentistry are traditional bridges. Made of materials that pair a natural aesthetic with enduring strength, these bridges are designed to take advantage of existing, healthy dentitions. Crowns are placed over neighboring abutment teeth, which are then used as anchors for the pontics, or artificial teeth, that fill the empty space.

Routine maintenance visits at our Desert Ridge dental office to replace or re-cement an appliance that has undergone normal wear can give you years of effective service out of your traditional fixed bridge.

Receiving a Fixed Bridge

Before they can be used to anchor the bridge, the two abutment teeth are prepared to allow a proper and secure fit for crowns. Impressions, or molds, also need to be taken to fabricate a bridge that can accurately imitate genuine teeth. To ensure you are not left with an incomplete smile prior to the placement appointment, you will receive a temporary bridge to wear in the interim.

Prior to placement, Dr. Dotson will assess the custom-designed permanent bridge, making sure to make any adjustments for a stable and balanced fit. Dependent on individual need, the bridge may be bonded with temporary cement to allow for the dental space to adjust to the new appliance. At a future appointment, the fixed bridge will be cemented in permanently.

After the procedure, you will receive care instructions, including advice on proper brushing and flossing routines. To attain the optimal longevity out of a fixed bridge, we also recommend patients return to Tatum Highlands Dentistry regularly for check-up visits.


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